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What is Safelink?

Safelink guards your Link against automated systems such as internet bots, crawlers, and scrapers. Please don't make it simple for them to steal your things over the internet.

What is SafeLink Generator?

Safelink Generator is a tool that protects your links from automatic systems like internet bots, malware, viruses, crawlers, scrapers, etc.

How does Safelink work?

  • Your visitor will have access to an encrypted connection.
  • Our service will determine whether or not your visitor is human.
  • We will challenge your visitor to double-click the button.
  • We will send your visitor to your actual URL.

Safelink Generator

Safe your links before sharing them with the tool below. The tool encrypts your links, making them unreadable to anyone without the decryption key. 

Once encrypted, your links are transformed into a new, safe URL that can be easily shared with others without fear of interference. 

This is particularly useful for links that contain sensitive information or lead to important or confidential resources. 

Using a Safelink Generator, you can ensure that your links are kept secure and remain accessible only to those who have been granted permission to access them.

Generate Safelink

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