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How to Unsub Zong Monthly Whatsapp Package?

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Hello Everyone! Welcome Back to TechiFeed. I have written a new informative post for you to read. So, Keep reading to find out more!

Are you tired of Zong's monthly WhatsApp package and want to unsubscribe? You may have found a better deal or need to use WhatsApp more to justify the cost. 

How to Unsub Zong Monthly Whatsapp Package?

Whatever your reason, unsubscribing from Zong's monthly WhatsApp package is easy and straightforward.

First, let's talk a bit about Zong and its WhatsApp package. Zong is one of Pakistan's largest mobile network operators, providing services to millions of customers nationwide. 

Its monthly WhatsApp package is designed to give users unlimited access to WhatsApp for a month, allowing them to send messages, make calls, and share files without worrying about data charges.

How to Unsub Zong Monthly Whatsapp Package?

However, if you've decided this package is no longer for you, it's time to learn how to unsubscribe. Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Open your messaging app

The first step is to open your messaging app and create a new message. Ensure the letter addresses "WhatsApp" and not any specific contact.

Step 2: Type "Unsub" in the message

In the body of the message, type "Unsub" (without the quotes). This keyword will trigger the system to unsubscribe you from the monthly WhatsApp package.

Step 3: Send the message to 6464

Once you've typed "Unsub" in the message, send it to 6464. This is the Zong shortcode for managing WhatsApp packages.

Step 4: Wait for the confirmation message

After you've sent the message, wait for a few moments. You should receive a confirmation message from Zong stating that you've been unsubscribed from the monthly WhatsApp package.

And that's it! You've successfully unsubscribed from Zong's monthly WhatsApp package.

It's important to note that unsubscribing from the package before the end of the billing cycle will not result in a refund of any unused portion of the box. 

However, the next billing cycle will not charge you for the package.

Now that you know how to unsubscribe, let's talk about some common questions and concerns that you may have.

What if I accidentally subscribed to the package?

If you accidentally subscribed to the package or changed your mind shortly after subscribing, you can still unsubscribe using the same method described above. 

However, remember that if you've already used some of the package's benefits (e.g., data for WhatsApp), you may still be charged for those benefits.

What if I want to subscribe again later?

If you want to subscribe to Zong's monthly WhatsApp package again in the future, you can do so by sending the keyword "Sub" to 6464. This will subscribe you to the box for the next billing cycle.

How can I check my WhatsApp package status?

To check your WhatsApp package status, send the keyword "Status" to 6464. This will give you information about your current package, including its expiry date and remaining data.


Unsubscribing from Zong's monthly WhatsApp package is a simple and straightforward process. Following the steps outlined above, you can easily unsubscribe and stop paying for a service you no longer need or want. 

Remember to send the keyword "Unsub" to 6464, wait for the confirmation message, and enjoy the freedom of not being tied to a monthly package that no longer serves your needs.

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