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How to Add WhatsApp Chat Button in WordPress?

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Hello Everyone! Welcome Back to TechiFeed. I have written a new informative post for you to read. So, Keep reading to find out more!

WhatsApp Chat Button in WordPress

Let's look at the advantages of including this chat feature on a website.

Why Include WhatsApp Chat in WordPress?

There are several advantages to including a WhatsApp chat button in WordPress.

For starters, it makes it simple for your customers to contact you with the press of a mouse. 

As a result, you will obtain more conversions through WhatsApp and can explain your goods and their features to them.

It eventually aids in increasing conversions and sales.

Did you know it has over 2 billion active users globally and is the most popular mobile chat app? The typical WhatsApp user logs in for 38 minutes each day. (source)

Instead of focusing on emails, you may concentrate on WhatsApp, which makes communication easier and faster.

It is helpful to run an online business or provide customer services. There are various live chatbots that you may employ on your website.

However, there is no need to pay someone to add the WhatsApp chat button on your WordPress website.

So, let's see what you can accomplish. How to Add WhatsApp Chat Button in WordPress?

How to Integrate WhatsApp Chat with WordPress

You may add a WhatsApp chat widget to your WordPress website in two ways.

  • Including a Plugin
  • Including a manual script

However, both methods will provide the same effect. I prefer using a WordPress plugin because it is simple to apply and offers many customization choices.

And all the codes will run on your website, eliminating the need to rely on a third-party website.

So, go through the steps to add the WhatsApp chat button.

Step 1: Install the join. Chat plugin first

Join. Chat is a freeware WordPress plugin that adds a WhatsApp chat widget to your website.

So, to add this plugin, navigate to the WordPress dashboard and select add new under the plugin area.

Now, in the search box, type join. Chat to find a plugin that looks like this.

Creame created this theme, which presently has over 400,000 active installs. Install and activate this plugin by clicking the Install Now button.

Step 2: Configuring join. chat

After you activate this plugin, you will see a new option in the settings.

So, go to settings > join. Chat, and configure the WhatsApp chat button there.

There are two options at the top.

  • General
  • Visibility

Let's start with the General settings.

In the Telephone area, enter your own WhatsApp number, and in the Message column, enter a prepared message.

As a result, when the user clicks the button, this message will be instantly typed into their mobile device.

So, you may use specific preset criteria like the site to display the website name, the page title where the user presses the button, and the URL to display the URL of that page.

You can modify the appearance of the WhatsApp conversation button in the following section, although the default is fine.

You may now add text to the tooltip area that will appear when someone hovers over the chat button.

Scroll down until you display the button on the left or right side.

And you can specify the button delay here so that the button appears after the page has completely loaded.

As a result, you don't have to sacrifice website performance, which is now an important ranking criterion.

You may now configure the WhatsApp chat button to appear just on mobile devices. However, I want it to appear on all devices in this situation. So I'll enable the second WhatsApp web option.

You may now include a call-to-action button in your WhatsApp conversation button. When a people click the button, It will show the message in a chat window.

You must now configure the final chat button options, such as chat window color, header text, dark mode, & page views.

Set the dark mode option to auto so the chat wind, ow adjusts its color when the customer device is in dark mode.

You may use the WhatsApp logo or create your unique header text in the Header section.

You may now add 5 or 10 seconds to the chat delay section, after which the chat window will appear automatically. Set the page clicks to one so the button appears on the first-page visit.

Save your changes, and It will add the WhatsApp chat button to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 3: WhatsApp chat button visibility settings

You may now restrict the button's appearance in the visibility tab to only appear on specific pages.

The first choice here is Global, allowing us to show or conceal the button throughout the website.

Below are options to conceal the chat button from sites such as the homepage, post pages, 404 pages, search result pages, and so on.

Select the shutting eye option, and the Whatsapp conversation icon will disappear from those pages.

You have now finished configuring the chat button.

WordPress plugins for WhatsApp are available.

It can also use other WhatsApp plugins to add the chat button to your website. Some of the plugins are listed below. Some are open, while others need a fee.

These plugins add chat buttons to WordPress, and some support various chat services, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram.

  • WP Social Chat
  • Click to chat
  • WhatsApp Contact Chat
  • WhatsApp Contact Button
  • Social Tabs Live Chat for WordPress

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WhatsApp Chat Button in WordPress?

The WhatsApp Chat Button in WordPress is a plugin that allows you to add a WhatsApp chat button to your website, allowing visitors to quickly and easily message your WhatsApp account.

Why would I want to add a WhatsApp Chat Button to my WordPress website?

By adding a WhatsApp Chat Button to your WordPress website, visitors can easily contact you or your business directly through WhatsApp, which can be a convenient way for them to ask questions or get support. Additionally, it could increase the conversion rate as visitors prefer easy-to-use and immediate communication.

How do I add a WhatsApp Chat Button to my WordPress website?

There are several ways to add a WhatsApp Chat Button to your WordPress website, one of the easiest is to use a plugin like WhatsApp Chat or WhatsApp Chat Support. You can install the plugin and customize the button's appearance and behavior.

Are there any limitations to using a WhatsApp Chat Button on my WordPress website?

Some limitations may include that WhatsApp only allows you to have one active chat session at a time, which means that if multiple people are messaging you through the WhatsApp Chat Button on your website, you will have to switch between conversations. Additionally, keep in mind that WhatsApp's official policy is that the chat button must be used for customer service and support, not for sending marketing messages.

What are the requirements to add a WhatsApp chat button on my website?

To add a WhatsApp chat button to your website, you need to have an active WhatsApp account, have your website built on WordPress, and have a plugin installed for adding a WhatsApp chat button.

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