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How To Protect AdSense from Invalid Clicks in Blogger?

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Hello Everyone! Welcome Back to TechiFeed. I have written a new informative post for you to read. So, Keep reading to find out more!

Protect Adsense from Invalid Clicks in Blogger

Protect AdSense from Invalid Clicks in Blogger

Clicks on advertising that Google considers illegitimate, such as accidental clicks or clicks from malicious software, Vpn clicks, bit traffic clicks, and so on. 

Manual clicks boost your advertising expenditures or the earnings of website owners that host your Adsense.

Most rookie bloggers would choose blogger platforms over other free platforms worldwide. However, the most severe threat. Invalid Clicks occur when Adsense is enabled in your weblog.

AdSense Invalid Click Protector Script

Protect your Adsense account against invalid clicks on Blogger using Adsense Invalid Click Protector.

But what happens if you don't make any mistakes and your Adsense account is disabled? It might be due to incorrect clicks, which can occur for various reasons.

How does AdSense Invalid Click Protector Script Work?

Invalid traffic includes clicks or impressions that might unduly increase an advertiser's expenditures or a publisher's revenues. Invalid traffic comprises both unintentional clicks and malicious traffic.

Working on this script is relatively easy; it will automatically conceal your Adsense ads if the same IP clicks on your ad more than three times (default variable).

We are all aware of the challenges in obtaining an Adsense account and earning money from it. If you use any black hat ways to make money, your Adsense account will be disabled.

Protect your Adsense accounts from invalid clicks by following this step correctly.

  1. Navigate to your blogger dashboard.
  2. Select HTML Editor.
  3. Copy and paste the below code above the </head> or </body> tags.

Default Code:
<script type='text/javascript'>


function downloadJSAtOnload(){var e=document.createElement("script");e.src="https://rawcdn.githack.com/mhdfasilwyd/script/e10713efcec5a681123c8cc8b74312cd4441b065/adsense-guard.js",document.body.appendChild(e)}window.addEventListener?window.addEventListener("load",downloadJSAtOnload,!1):window.attachEvent?window.attachEvent("onload",downloadJSAtOnload):window.onload=downloadJSAtOnload;


Editable Code:
<script type='text/javascript'>


function downloadJSAtOnload(){var e=document.createElement("script");e.src="https://rawcdn.githack.com/mhdfasilwyd/script/b5ef06b19b4dcfe84de574c318ccb65a439bb182/adsense-click.js",document.body.appendChild(e)}window.addEventListener?window.addEventListener("load",downloadJSAtOnload,!1):window.attachEvent?window.attachEvent("onload",downloadJSAtOnload):window.onload=downloadJSAtOnload;



The max number of clicks then after Adsense will be disabled. The advertisement will not be displayed.

Period: 23000:- the time interval (in milliseconds) after which the ad will be displayed again.
You can alter the numbers as you see fit but proceed with caution.

What you can modify are the clicks and intervals.

Don't forget to save

Primary prevention of invalid AdSense clicks

  1. Take note of the traffic source and user behavior on your website. You may utilize AdSense custom channels, URLs, and so on if you like.
  2. It will help you to determine which visits from which sources can make a difference in your AdSense earnings.
  3. At the same time, you may discover more about the website's visitors by utilizing Google Analytics.
  4. Use caution when employing third-party ad networks and bot traffic sources that need more information on whether they are secure.
  5. It frequently results in incorrect or VPN user clicks as a result of third-party adverts as well as users originating from these websites. For examing, someone clicks on your AdSense when you stop pop-up advertising ads.
  6. You are not permitted to click on your website's advertisement. Although Google will screen this click, it is strictly prohibited.
  7. It will capture the invalid Adsense click. You can utilize Google's AdSense Publisher toolbar if you believe the ad is your work and wish to get to the URL. It will allow you to view the advertisement without clicking on it.
  8. After inserting the Adsense code into the website, double-check to ensure that you have inserted the correct ad code simultaneously.
  9. Use the AdSense settings' permitted sites function. It prevents you from utilizing your AdSense code on any other website.
  10. Invalid Click is the one most likely to receive the Adsense click incorrectly. Because if you fail to click on Adsense, the user will instantly hit the back button to return, which may lead to no advertising.
  11. It is reasonable since he is not interested in the advertising page, which may be termed a non-valid click.
  12. Remember that if you click, Google will not consider it money; it must be a unique click.
  13. Google does not pay based just on clicks. Trying to boost clicks might result in income loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is invalid clicking, and how does it affect AdSense?

Invalid clicking refers to clicks on AdSense ads that are not made by real users with a genuine interest in the advertised product or service. This can include clicks made by automated bots, clicks made by the website owner or their friends and family, or clicks made with the intent to artificially inflate ad revenue. Invalid clicks can lead to decreased ad revenue, account suspension, and even legal action from Google.

What are some ways to protect my AdSense account from invalid clicks on my Blogger website?

Some ways to protect your AdSense account include: Regularly monitoring your website's click activity to identify and report any suspicious patterns Using a click-protection plugin or script on your website, Blocking IP addresses that show a high level of click activity, Asking friends and family not to click on your ads Being cautious about using traffic-generating services or software, as they may generate invalid clicks.

What happens if my AdSense account is suspended for invalid clicking?

If your AdSense account is suspended for invalid clicking, you will no longer be able to earn revenue from AdSense ads on your website. You may also be subject to legal action from Google.

Can I appeal a suspension for invalid clicking?

You can appeal a suspension for invalid clicking by contacting AdSense support and providing evidence that the clicks were not invalid. However, please note that Google's decision on the matter is final.

How can I report invalid clicks on my AdSense ads?

You can report invalid clicks by visiting the "Reports" section of your AdSense account, selecting the "Clicks" tab, and then clicking the "Flag invalid clicks" button. You can also contact AdSense support to report the issue.

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