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How to Add LazyLoad AdSense Ads in WordPress?

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You may have observed that anytime you add AdSense code to your WordPress blog, the speed drops dramatically, and a warning like Reduce the overall impact of Third-party code appears under Page speed insight.

LazyLoad Adsense Ads in WordPress

To resolve this issue, you must Lazyload the Google Adsense code. Lazyloading this Script will substantially enhance your site's performance and make it compatible with core web vitals.

Why LazyLoad AdSense Ads in WordPress?

It is because Adsense is a third-party script that requires loading many files to display the adverts and contains many tracking codes. 

As a result, copying and pasting the code into your site will prevent crucial requests from loading and slow down page performance.

What is lazy loading?

Lazy loading is a technique for postponing the loading of specific Javascript codes, and those programs will only load when the user interacts with the website, such as by scrolling.

As a result, rather than loading this large Script at the start of the page load, it delays the loading time and allows vital resources to load quickly.

As a result, consumers will not have to wait any longer for actual content to load in the browser, and the Script will load after everything else on the site has loaded.

On your website, you may enable slow loading of images, Adsense code, Analytics code, and so on. In this essay, we will look at how to install Adsense slow loading in WordPress.

How to Use WordPress Lazy Load Adsense?

Follow the instructions below to activate Adsense Lazyloading in WordPress.

  1. Remove the current AdSense tracking code from the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Now, in the footer area, put the lazyloading code below.
  3. Then, in this code, replace the Publisher id of your Adsense account and save the code.
  4. Adsense lazyloading has now been installed on your WordPress website.

Please take notice of the Script in all Manual ad unit codes and delete them. Otherwise, your Lazyloading code will not function correctly.

Use the Perfmatters plugin to lazy load WordPress

You may enable lazyloading on WordPress if you use the perf matters plugin.

  1. Go to Perfmatters settings > Assets and check the Delay Javascript box.
  2. Select the "only delay specified script" option under Delay Behavior.
  3. Put the above code into the "Delayed scripts" box and save the settings.
Adsense lazyloading will now function properly on your WordPress site. It is not necessary to include any manual lazyloading scripts.

To postpone the download of Adsense code, you may also utilize plugins such as WP-Rocket and the Litespeed cache plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LazyLoad for AdSense ads in WordPress?

LazyLoad is a technique that delays loading ads on a webpage until the user scrolls to the area where the ad is located. This helps to improve page load times and user experience.

How do I enable LazyLoad for AdSense ads in WordPress?

There are several ways to enable LazyLoad for AdSense ads in WordPress, including using a plugin or adding custom code to your theme's functions.php file.

Are there any drawbacks to using LazyLoad for AdSense ads in WordPress?

One potential drawback is that if a user never scrolls to the area where the ad is located, the ad may never be displayed. Additionally, some users may have JavaScript disabled in their browsers, which would prevent the LazyLoad functionality from working.

Can I use LazyLoad for other types of ads in WordPress, not just Adsense?

Yes, LazyLoad can be used for any type of ad on a WordPress site, including ads from other networks such as Media.net or Infolinks.

Will using LazyLoad affect my Adsense earnings?

Using LazyLoad for AdSense ads could affect your earnings, as ads may only be displayed to users who scroll to their location on the page. However, this is not guaranteed.

Is there any plugin that allows a lazy load of Adsense ads in WordPress?

Several plugins allow you to enable LazyLoad for AdSense ads in WordPress, such as Lazy Load for AdSense, A3 Lazy Load, BJ Lazy Load, and more.

Can I use LazyLoad for both text and image ads?

Yes, LazyLoad can be used for text and image ads on a WordPress site.

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